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Is your medication not working?

How you will respond to various medications depends on many factors, including your age, diet, lifestyle and your genetic make-up. Because we all have slightly different genetic profiles, we all process medications differently.

A pharmacogenetic test (PGT) is a DNA test that identifies how your genetic profile may impact your body’s response to certain medications. The test looks at the genes responsible for processing medications, and the results can help your health care provider decide which medications and doses may work best for you. This personalized approach helps your doctor avoid the trial and error approach to prescribing the right medication at the right dose for you and get you on the path to well sooner.

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Why Millennium Health PGTSM?

Millennium Health is a company that specializes in medication intelligence. Millennium PGT can be performed by providing a simple cheek swab or saliva sample and gives your health care provider the information to help prescribe the right medication for you. If you’ve experienced reactions to medications or feel that your medication is not working, a PGT test can help your physician prescribe the right medicine and right dose for each patient.

The pharmacogenetic tests are based on clinical studies that have demonstrated the improved effectiveness of certain medications when prescribed based on genetic results. Millennium Health also has in-house clinical expertise that is available to your provider for help in interpretation of the test results.Millennium’s PGT menu currently analyzes clinically relevant genetic variants in 14 genes related to your response to medications in the fields of pain, addiction, mental health and cardiovascular diseases. Our reports help your health care provider personalize prescribing decisions for you, providing information on your predicted response to medication and potential alternatives.

Trial & Error Approach

Prescribing medicine and observing results.

Millennium PGT Approach

Get the right medicine and dose the first time.

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