PGT Can Help Clinicians Make More Effective Prescribing Decisions

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There is compelling biological and clinical evidence that suggests that genetic differences may explain an estimated 20 percent to 95 percent of variability in medication effects, such as poor response or serious adverse reactions to medications. PGT may help you avoid prescribing potentially unsafe or ineffective medications, and provide insights into the right medication and the right dose for your patients.

Why Millennium Health PGT?

Millennium PGT

Competitive testing menu includes 14 genes supporting medication decisions for over 40 commonly prescribed medications across 13 medication classes


MAPP℠ Report

Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype provides medication specific pharmacogenetic results with state of the art reporting.


PGT Consult℠

Mobile application that provides evidence based information on your patient’s results and allows you to interactively explore the impact of pharmacogenetics on your patient’s individual medication response.


MAPP℠ Hotline


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The MAPP℠ Report

When using Millennium PGT℠, you will receive a Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype (MAPP®) Report for each patient tested, which will contain:

  • Laboratory Test Results: Indicates which gene tests were ordered and the corresponding test results
  • Current Medication Summary: An interpretation of your patient’s genetic test results as it relates to current reported medications, highlighting medications that may need attention, and relevant CYP450 drug-drug interactions
  • Medication Selection Guide: An objective tool that can be used to inform prescribing decisions according to a patient’s genetic test results

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