Success Stories

Patient Testimonial: Brian’s Experience with Pharmacogenetic Testing & Mental Health

Brian suffered from depression for 25 years, and just like many other mental health patients, he was prescribed many medications that were ineffective. Looking for new therapies to combat his illness, he found Dr. Edgar Castillo-Armas, a clinician who has gone beyond the trial and error approach. He provided Brian with Millennium PGTSM to help identify how his genetic profile may impact his response to certain medications. When they got the test results back, Dr. Castillo-Armas found the right medication for Brian, which got him on the path to well.

Patient Testimonial: Samantha’s Experience With Pharmacogenetic Testing & Pain Management

After Samantha suffered a fractured femur, her physician suggested pharmacogenetic testing (PGT) helped manage her pain and prescribe the right medication at the right time. Like many patients, Samantha was caught in the trial-and-error approach to prescribing medication, continuing to respond negatively to prescription medications. Her physician, Dr. Hugh Beatty, administered a Millennium PGT to predict Samantha’s likely response to a variety of prescription medication and help inform his treatment decision. With the help of Millennium PGTSM, Samantha was prescribed the right pain medicine to help her healing.

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